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Octagonal summer House

6 X 6 Shiplap Octagonal Shiplap (1.8m x 1.8m)
6 X 6 Shiplap Octagonal Shiplap






This building is manufactured using kiln dried 3x2 softwood frame work chamfered on each edge to make a perfect join when screwing the panels together.

The Octagonal Summerhouse has the cladding rebated into the framework to give the very neatest of appearances.

The cladding is also kiln dried Swedish deal, the best money can buy.

The floor is made from full interlocking treaded T&G and set on 2x2 treated runners.

The roof is made from the finest exterior quality hardwood plywood and covered with fibre re-enforced 40kg green mineral felt. We also offer the option of felt shingles that gives a tiled effect at an extra cost.

The building has a single opening front door (one on the 6x6) and four opening windows.


Product Specifications & Variation Options

Only 995.00

Octagonal shiplap summer houses are a joy to have in your garden as they easily become talking point when you have visitors around or a BBQ. Pleasing to look and spacious our range includes a 6 x 6ft model and a 8 x 6ft model. Ideally suited for either a corner location or a centre piece our octagonal garden buildings work well in any garden or a good size.

Himley Garden Building octagonal shiplap summer houses manufactured using kiln dried 3 x 2 softwood frame work chamfed on each edge. This helps to ensure a perfect fit when screwing the summer house together.

Octagonal Shiplap Features

The octagonal summer house features the following; it has the rebated cladding in the framework which gives it a neat appearances.

It has kiln dried Swedish deal cladding which is of the best quality.

Its floor is full interlocking treaded tongue & groove and on 2 x 2 treated runners.

It has a high quality hardwood plywood exterior which has fibre re-enforced 40kg green mineral felt.

In addition it has a double opening door and features four opening windows.

Summer House Upgrades

The octagonal shiplap house is made from high quality materials as is at the high end of the summer houses we supply so there is only one upgrade available which is an upgrade to 'felt shingles' for the roof. Felt shingles has the appearance of a tiled effect.

5 Year Guarantee

All octagonal shiplap summer houses come with a 5 year guarantee and they can be delivery and constructed for you free of charge within a 200 miles radius of our registered quarters.

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