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Garden Buildings & Sheds For Sale

Himley Garden Buildings is one of a dying breed of companies, wherein every building is hand built using traditional methods of manufacture. You will not find unsightly jig tables in our workshops, nor will you experience a fixed, stock range of buildings. We simply produce top quality hand crafted garden buildings, providing a bespoke range of workshops, home offices, summer houses and sheds for sale.

All of our craftsmen are skilled in the use of the tried and trusted Tape Measure. To this end, we are able to offer a "Customer Specification" build service. This makes us proud of our moto:

"If you can draw it; We can build it"

So if you have an awkward shape or size, we are able to manufacture a building to suit your specific requirements.

Featured Products

8 x 4 Loglap Apex

Only 930.00

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Sheds can be pre-treated with a Golden Brown Protek water based treatment if required at an extra cost.

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7 x 5 Loglap Pent

Only 930.00

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Manufactuerd to the highest of quality, on build and appearance, ideal for any garden.

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8 X 6 Shiplap Apex

Only 845.00

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A quality Garden Shed suitabe for storing bikes and garden equipment.

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6 X 4 Shiplap Den + 2ft Canopy & Floor

Only 597.00

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Craftsmen produced highest quality full Tongue & Groove throughout Playhouse including T&G floor and roof.

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10 x 10 Shiplap Lodge + 2ft Canopy

Only 2,275.00

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Superior quality shiplap building.

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Garden Buildings

The term 'garden buildings' encompasses a wide range of products such as wooden garden sheds, summer houses, home office buildings and general garden storage. At Himley Garden Buildings we both manufacture and sell each of these products, using only the best quality timber in the hands of dedicated craftsmen.

Brief descriptions are given below for our garden building product ranges;

Garden Sheds - Wooden Sheds

We have three main types of wooden garden sheds for sale, each ideal for garden tool storage:

Loglap and Shiplap Shed Types

The loglap and shiplap shed types specify the type of wooden board used, with loglap being thicker and more durable. Apex and pent describe the shed's roof type, where apex roofs are raised to a central strip and pent roofs are flat, tending to overlap the edge of the shed slightly. We have apex sheds available online in both shiplap and loglap, there are also pent sheds available in shiplap and loglap shed types.

Each of the wooden sheds displayed on our website are ideal garden storage buildings for items such as lawnmowers and other gardening tools, garden chairs and so on.

Garden Summer Houses

We have a large selection of summer houses for sale in the following ranges: Lodge, Lomond, Nevis, Balmoral, Octagonal & Chalet. Each type of summer house offers unique characteristics defining it from the rest. Features and specifications for each can be found on the summer houses page.

Most of our summer houses are guaranteed for 15 years, each having additional options available such as leaded windows and central double doors. As with our garden sheds, we have both shiplap and loglap summer houses for sale. Our main selection of garden summer houses available online are shown below:

Garden Play Houses - Wooden Dens

In our play house range we have both loglap and shiplap dens in a choice of sizes, the largest being the 'superden'. As with all of our garden buildings we only use the best wood and craftsmen. Each play house is supplied with a lengthy guarantee (see product information for more details). Free delivery and erection is also available within a fixed radius.

Garden Workshops

If you are looking for a dedicated wooden garden workshop rather than using a garden shed, our work buildings are for you. These workshops are built using 40kg of green mineral fibre re-enforcing felt, with either loglap or shiplap cladding.

The garden workhop has 3 windows - one of which can open - and a 2'6" wide door. Additionally there is a 2' deep work bench fitted to enable you to get to start setting up your workshop right away.

Home Office Building - Garden Office

Our home office buildings range from a modest 3.6 x 2.4m to a spacious 4.8 x 3.6m size, all of which should provide adequate space for any garden office. The building features fully integrated electrics which are ready to use - just plug into your electrical supply. With large, double glazed windows this office building provides plenty of light whilst keeping it warm and quiet.

We are also able to adapt the home office buildings for use as other types of garden building, such as a games room, adding a jacuzzi room or even adding a bedroom.

These buildings offer a complete solution to your home office requirements.

Shed Accessories - Garden Building Accessories

Within this section you will find a selection of security products for your garden buildings, workshops, playhouses and summer houses. Examples of these items are typical shed accessories such as alarms, solar lights and heavy duty Hasp & Staple locks.

If you feel that your garden building could benefit from some additional security, these products are ideal. Items such as heavy duty locks and alarms are vital to act as a physical and psychological barrier towards would-be theives, especially if valuable equipment is being stored in your garden building.

Shed security products such as lights and alarms are a simple but effective deterrent which can make all the difference when securing your property.

Garden Tool Storage

Whether you're looking for storage for your gardening tools like forks, spades and lawnmower or your have larger garden tools and machinery like a gazebo, a motorised lawnmower or want more space for weed-killer and other items then there is a garden tool storage building for you.

Himley Gadren Buildings can build bespoke sheds for your storage requirements, so if you can't see the shed you want on the site, use our bespoke sheds option.

Bespoke Sheds - Custom Made Garden Buildings

One of the services that we have to offer which sets us apart from our competition is our bespoke sheds service. Not only can you buy sheds or garden buildings from a pre-set (albeit customisable) range, but you can also buy custom made sheds too! Tailor made to your requirements, our bespoke sheds are all hand built using traditional manufacturing methods.

Bespoke Sheds Enquiries

If you would like to enquire about our bespoke sheds, please contact us.

Contact Us:

0800 996 1888 or use our contact form Contact Us

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