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Garden Buildings - Shapes and Sizes

Garden buildings have many different uses from garden workshops to summer houses which mean there are a huge number of designs available to suit all purposes. Deciding on the best design involves taking into account available space, interior dimensions, structural shape, colour, intended use and window and door positioning.

Garden Tool Storage

For garden tool storage or a garden workshop the shape of choice is rectangular. These often have a pent style roof which is flat and often slanted towards the back of the garden building for drainage. A popular choice of window shape for these buildings is a security window. These are often cut within a foot of the roof to keep them above eye level. They are also too narrow for an intruder to climb through while allowing enough natural light in to make working inside during the day possible without additional lighting. More recently these garden buildings have been fitted with sky lights which are roughly the same shape but allow the maximum amount of light through. Where wider windows are fitted they often have a metal mesh built into the glass to prevent the pane from being broken clear of the frame.

Garden Office Buildings

Garden buildings can also be used for office space. These are also normally rectangular with a pent style roof but much larger than sheds used for garden tool storage. It is very common for these garden buildings to have windows the full height of the front wall and a double door arrangement in the centre. The glass used in this kind of garden building is generally double glazed and any opening windows or doors are fitted with multi point locks. The framework for the front side is often uPVC which is more flexible than wood and because of that, much more difficult to break through.

Summer Houses

Summer houses are another popular use for garden buildings as they are far less costly than an extension and in the vast majority of cases, require no planning permission. It is very common for these kinds of buildings to have an apex style roof which is raised in the centre so that water can drain off to either side. It is also possible to fit features into these garden buildings such as a Jacuzzi.

Garden Workshops

The main requirement for a garden workshop is space as it will need to store tools and provide a workspace and room to manoeuvre. Vertical space is also a concern so garden workshops often use an apex style roof to maximise head room. Standard designs can be purchased up to 14 by 10 feet. If your requirements go beyond that a bespoke shed is the solution for you.

Bespoke Sheds

Companies which produce garden buildings are often able to confirm a custom design with you to meet your specific requirements. They may require some architectural drawings or specific information about the dimensions and your choice of material but the option is certainly available should you need it.

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