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Sheds and Accessories for Garden Tool Storage

When using a wooden shed for garden tool storage or to store other items, there are a few concerns. Primarily keeping them safe and dry but also garden sheds can provide a workspace. Choosing the right wooden shed for your needs will ensure these criteria are met.

Choosing a Size

Wooden sheds generally range from the smallest, being around 4 x 4 feet to the largest, 14 x 10 feet and beyond for custom designs. If is purely for garden tool storage, the smallest of the range could be suitable but being able to work inside the shed will mean allowing additional space. Larger items such as bikes also mean that there needs to be enough space to store and retrieve them easily. If you also wish to work in the shed you need to allow room for the equipment and room to move.

Weather Proofing

It is essential that your garden tool storage provides complete resistance to the elements. Wooden sheds are generally made from tongue and groove panels which are treated to be weather resistant but may also have a felt covering which provides additional water proofing on the roof. Exterior wood panels are generally pre-treated with creosote or a similar protective layer but it is recommended that these panels receive annual treatment to keep the wood in top condition. Any metalwork included in the design should be galvanised to prevent corrosion. This should not need further treatment to remain weather resistant.


Most sheds for garden storage will include a locking mechanism or ability to padlock the door. If you feel that the contents of your wooden shed is still potentially vulnerable one of the most useful shed accessories available is a battery powered alarm. Contacts can be fitted to doors and windows in order to trigger the alarm once armed. If triggered, the alarm will emit a 100db siren to alert you to the breech. If you are able to power an alarm from the mains, the power supply is not so much of a concern however ensuring that the alarm cannot simply be disconnected is essential. Regular testing (every month or so) of battery alarms should ensure that a battery powered alarm will alert you should anyone attempt to enter without you knowing. Security windows are elongated above eye level to prevent people from being able to see in or climb through while allowing light into the shed.

Other Accessories

As it is not always possible to get a mains power supply to a shed it is worth considering solar lighting which has a panel fitted to the roof which charges a small battery while not in use. The light is then ready to use when you need it. More robust locks can also provide an effective deterrent and certainly make it much harder to breech your shed should a thief decide to do so. Wired glass can also be used to replace existing windows to make your garden storage even more resistant to break-ins.

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