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Using Garden Office Buildings to Work From Home or Create a New Room

Increasingly people are working from home as opposed to commuting. Conventionally an office would be set up inside the home. These workspaces can be short on space and natural light making it difficult to be as productive as you could be in a work environment. Garden offices are specially designed wooden buildings which can be installed in a matter of hours and provide you with the ideal location to work from home. Making the most of your garden by adding an office can provide you with an alternative to working indoors where you are free from distractions and can fully make use of natural light. Garden office buildings are avail up to 16 x 12 feet or they can be customised to an individualís requirements and made to virtually any size.


Garden office buildings are constructed from Protim pressure treated tongue and groove cladding set onto a timber framework. The cladding is filled with a membrane to repel water and polystyrene to insulate the building. The inside is covered with thick, moisture resistant M.D.F.

These buildings also have laminate flooring which sits on top of the insulation which in turn is laid on top of tongue and groove floor boards. The exterior of the roof is made from plywood and has the same level of insulation as the flooring.

The front faces of these buildings are made from wood grain u.P.V.C frames and toughened double glazing which stretches the full height of the front wall. This allows plenty of natural light into the office while efficiently insulating the building.

Electrical requirements are catered for with pre installed systems. This includes 2 double gang sockets and fluorescent light fittings. An armoured cable and pre installed socket are supplied to get power from your house to the garden office.


All opening doors and windows are fitted with police approved, high security, multi point locks to ensure any equipment or furniture within your garden office building remains secure. You can also have an alarm fitted to your garden office to give you extra piece of mind when it is not being used.

Other Uses

Garden office buildings could easily house a Jacuzzi or other furniture making them ideal summer houses, additional bedrooms or games rooms.

  • If you are about to start working from home and would like to create a new workspace
  • If you are unsatisfied with your current home office
  • If would like to create an extra room in your garden for any reason


Remember you can take advantage of any garden space you may have by installing a garden office building. A reputable supplier should be able to provide an installation service as well as delivery making it the easiest way to add a room to a property.

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